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inBLUE Prelaunch 

Limited Hardcover Release with Benefits

Thank you for being here. It means a lot that you are interested in my work. There is much to say about the Internet these days and not all of it pretty. But one undeniable achievement of connecting so many virtually is the democratization of art. Indie authors, for instance, can find their audience directly and readers have the opportunity to experience many more voices well beyond the limited selection of major publishers. It is because of you that indie authors like me can share a story. 

I am pleased to announce my latest novel, inBLUE, told through a series of vignettes that intersect to reveal a single narrative and the secret of how the lives of the characters are connected by a tiny edit to reality.

I am excited to provide a prelaunch of inBlue that includes a limited edition hardcover (There will be no hardcover following this prelaunch option) and additional benefits. 

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Be a collector ($30)
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Limited edition hardcover signed by the author

Personalized thank you from the author

5x8 print of the cover art signed by the artist

Access to read a short story from the inBLUE universe that will never be released to the public 

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U.S. only

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