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Fun Ways to Support

I am pleased to provide thousands of words and other content for free during these crazy times. But it is not free to create. Websites, podcasts, editing and publishing all costs money. Not to mention the countless hours over the years dedicated to the craft and building my catalogue of work. Patrons keep the arts alive and help keep it free for others. 

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Be a collector

Support the work with a one time $20 payment and receive an autographed copy of either my novel Grayscale or collection of short stories Overcast. Collectors receive email updates on new work and other news before the rest of the world knows. Use the Paypal button (You don't need Paypal to purchase).

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Buy me on Amazon

The print and ebook versions of both Grayscale and Overcast are available at Amazon.  Click the Amazon button. 

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Be an

Leave a positive review on Amazon or Goodreads.


Post an invite to this website on social media. 

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Coming soon

Literary themed stuff. 

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