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inBLUE Synopsis

Sophia Page Mitchell has a chance encounter as a teenager with one of the mysterious lights seen over the quarry for generations. Now a physicist, she has come back to her hometown to unlock one of the mysteries of the universe while coming to terms with the death of her first love.

Elliott’s mental health has been in decline since he was 18. Specifically, everything changed after August 9, 1989. He has a profound feeling that he is not supposed to be here; a recurring dream of him dying in a fire that feels more real than the wake world; and he is only able to see the color blue. 

Arya treats Elliott when he is admitted to the hospital after a psychotic break. She sees the similarities. There were three other patients in her career who fixated on the same date in 1989, and who experienced the same, one-color ocular manifestation.

Christopher is a man obsessed with his health and appearance, and who kills wealthy men to fund his affinity for nice things. He burns the bodies in the woods in ritualistic fashion. He grew up in foster care after watching his mother die in a fire when he was just a boy.

User name NoS brings together a group of outcasts from across social media who see only blue and feel completely disconnected from everything, as if they are not real. NoS’ real name is Bastian. He has a near hypnotic charisma and an aptitude for technology. His compass is Shakespeare’s Iago, the great manipulator, and he understands what is possible when vulnerable people are told what they want to hear.

inBLUE is told through a series of vignettes that intersect to reveal a single narrative and the secret of how the lives of the characters are connected by a tiny edit to reality.

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