Dive Bar
A Collaborative Character Exercise

One of the objectives of this website is to support the indie writing community as a whole. There is great work out there that unfortunately without big marketing budgets will be hard to find unless the community helps to promote each other.

Dive Bar is a character exercise that will include contributing authors. At the end of each piece, you will find a brief bio and links to the author's published work.

I grew up in a bar. I come from an Irish American family, both my father and mother were bartenders, and my mother and Stepfather owned a dive bar. There is something uniquely human about being in that environment that few other places can foster. On any given night, you will elation and sadness, the best of people and the absolute worst, the bonds of friends and the quiet agony of loneliness. Dive bars bring people together without pretense or false ceremony. It is as real and gritty as it gets. 

So welcome McNally's on a Friday, and give a read about the various characters who have come in from the cold, rainy night.