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Podcast producer Kim Selby sets the stage, in the 80s and early 90s, where the creative journey for the both of us all began. We grew up in a Jersey suburb just over the bridge from Philadelphia. With backdrops like South Street in Philly, the Jersey Shore, Jersey diners and the Pine Barrens, we paint a picture of how music, film and literature mish mashed with geography and youthful exploration to propel the creative spirit and became the influences of our work today. 

The Introduction Episode:

The Video Store:

The gateway drug. The moment when the possibilities for creativity opened up for us. A dinosaur. A relic from a forgotten past.  

Our Location:

A look back at 3 very different locales that made up the space growing up - Philly, the Jersey Shore, the Pine Barrens.

The Social Landscape

Considering the origins of the muse wouldn't be sincere without recognizing the fears and anxieties of the time, and their impact on the art. 

Our Surroundings

Did you hear that? Yep, bumps in the night. Scary stories, horror show hosts, paranormal happenings, haunted shores and monstrous legends.

inBLUE Intro

The bonus version of the podast will offer the sci-fi novella inBLUE, the audio version chapter by chapter.

Teenage Society

Kim and T. look back to the teenage brand, 80s analogue style. No selfies, no texting, no social media. Exploring persona and individuality through the minutiae of cliques, fashion and musical genre might just find a few of those special moments that contributed to the origins of the muse. 

inBLUE Prologue

The One Book

You remember that time, when the words jumped off the page and burrowed into your soul. The first time you realized the magic that could reside between the covers. Kim and T. talk about those first books that open their eyes, the looking glass into the imagination written

inBLUE Chapter 1

Hangouts & First Cars

Arcade games, pizza, groups of teenagers hanging, deep philosophical talks against a brick wall,  hatchbacks and road freedom. Kim and T. talk about the first hangouts, and their first cars. So put the key in the ignition, pop the cassette tape in the deck and let’s get started. 

inBLUE Chapter 2

The One Band

Kim and T. attempt to narrow it down to one band for each of them that played a significant role in their individual journeys toward the creative muse. 

inBLUE Chapter 3

The Kid Who Did It

How do you get to the core of the teenage experience in all its insecurity, fear and wonder. Maybe the only sincere way is that it be written by a teenager. Kim and T. discuss the book, and film, The Outsiders. 

inBLUE Chapter 4

Teen Angst

Kim and T. have touched on the angst in nearly every episode so far. This time, they talk about how 80s pop culture, particularly movies, contributed to how teens identified with it. 

inBLUE Chapter 5

Cultural Icons

They symbolize something important and meaningful, or infamous. They are to be admired, and they disappoint. Kim and T. talk 80s cultural icons. The good, bad and ugly. Animal, vegetable and mineral.

inBLUE Chapter 6

All Things Horror (Part 1)

Kim and T. are back after a short break to take on the "beast" as they delve into all things horror-related in the first part of a three parter devoted horror in the 80s.

inBLUE Chapter 7

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