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Thanks for being here. In 2020, I took a different approach to my writing and readership, and have committed to always provide free content. You will find more than 76,000 words for free here. The selection will vary from time to time, but my fire for the written word won't change. So spend some time and have a read, check out the fun ways to support if you are inclined to do so, and enjoy. What is most important is that you are venturing out from the safe space of the best seller lists to find the undiscovered. 

Quinton is a recluse with lifelong visions he calls wakeful dreams and is haunted by a moment from his past. An anonymous artist who, under the pseudonym Jay Walker, has seen success from two graphic novels and several ink sketches for contemporary magazines. When he agrees to take on a new project about a missing couple, Quinton is hurled into a story that could span more than a century, or not. Grayscale is a modern gothic mystery where the line between what is real and not is blurred.



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